Monday, August 3, 2015


I just read a post on Facebook that said "August is the Sunday for Teachers" How appropriate and how true. Since I retired from full-time middle school teaching in 2014 today I am not feeling that beginning of August stress that so many of my former colleagues are feeling no doubt on this Monday morning. Summer of course is not over. It's just inevitable that teachers will begin making lists, visiting their classrooms, and preparing for another school year. The story is similar in western Pennsylvania as the Flight 93 Memorial begins another year and a new chapter with the soon-to-be-opened Visitors and Learning Centers. This will happen on Thursday September 10th (you will need a ticket-there is no charge, but large crowds are of course expected)with more activities of course planned for Friday September 11th. Both the National Park Service and the Friends of Flight 93 staffs are preparing just as educators prepare throughout our nation. There is no doubt anticipation in the air. These centers will enhance the experience of every visitor to Shanksville. A path and Wetlands Bridge will connect the buildings to the Memorial Wall. The Flight 93 Memorial will now be able to host more events and groups. The educational aspect of the Memorial will be enhanced. It is like finding out your school building has a new library or computer lab or both! Some are wondering about a presidential visit. This of course adds to the preparation for the staff, but not something they haven't handled in the past. Details are not made available till close to the actual visit for obvious reasons. I have blogged previously about the Walk 93 event occurring on Saturday September 26th. Planning, organizing, and designing-these are the skills all great educators possess. Go to the NPS website for construction updates and more information as the next exciting chapter begins at the Flight 93 Memorial.

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