Monday, November 26, 2012

Letters From Home

Recently I had my sixth grade students write letters to soldiers currently serving. They also had an option to write a letter to a World War II veteran. These letters will be used for a future Honor Flight. Honor Flight takes WW II veterans to Washington D. C. for a day of visiting monuments and memorials in particular The World War II Memorial. Part of the day includes mail call, recreating what was often a favorite part of the soldier's day. This activity made me think of all the brave heroes aboard United Flight 93. Because United Flight 93 was the last of the four hijacked planes to leave and because it was twenty minutes late, many of the passengers were able to phone loved ones for the last time. With Thanksgiving week just ending and the march to Christmas about to begin, it make me think about friends and family and how thankful we are for them around the holidays. This is even more profound when one has family away from home. My oldest daughter now lives in Florida. She was not home for Thanksgiving, but will be here for a week at Christmas time. What would you say to your loved ones if you had only one last call to make?

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