Sunday, October 7, 2012

St. Paul's Chapel

I know that is a strange title for a post, but here goes. My family has told me recently that every time I launch into a long story, it begins with "So...." So here goes! On Saturday November 10th, the Friends of Flight 93 are hosting a one day bus trip to New York City. Of course the purpose of the trip is the 9/11 Memorial, but also included is the St. Paul's Chapel. On an earlier post in June I mentioned the chapel after I had been to NYC on a family trip. If you Google Sp. Paul's Chapel 9/11, you can read the full story. It is a fascinating place. St. Paul's is a small Episcopal chapel-a very old, quite small, historical chapel in Lower Manhatten just a few blocks from Ground Zero. In the days and weeks following 9/11 it became a place of refuge and sanctuary for the rescue workers. If you visit the 9/11 Memorial in the future, con not miss the chapel. One could spend hours there because there are so many memories of 9/11. It was a place that offered peace during turbulence. I will not be making that trip in about a month, but for those who do it will be very memorable. I'm sure New York will have many tributes that weekend as the next day-Sunday-will be Veterans Day. For those who attend it will be a weekend to honor many heroes.

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